Process Design Practices™

Korf provides an advanced Process Design Practices training course. It is an intensive 5 day course that bridges the gap between university education and practical process design and troubleshooting. It is intended for chemical engineers with 0.5-5 years experience.

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Cilliers Kruger

The course was written and is presented by Cilliers Kruger. Cilliers is a chemical engineer with 25 year's international experience in petrochemical process simulation, design and operation. His experience covers the entire design process, from conceptual design to commissioning and operation. He has prepared design specifications for numerous plants and has a comprehensive knowledge of typical design practices.


This course emphasizes the methods actually used by design companies, and includes high quality handouts. Each subject is covered in detail and is followed by a tutorial where the student has to perform the calculations.

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Cost & Schedule

Cost is typically US$2,000-US$5,000 per person depending on the location and number of participants. Please contact Korf Technology Ltd to arrange a course.

The following public course are usually offered, either online or on location:

London, England
Late June
Johannesburg, South Africa
Early November
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Please download and replace the following sheets according to the course year.

Course year Corrections
2008 Page 5.8, Page 10.25, Page 11.4
2009 Page 2.9, Page 3.18, Page 6.5 and 6.14, Page 9.12, Page 14.12
2010 Page 2.9, Pages 3.5 and 3.6, Page 5.9, Page 6.15, Page 7.10
2011 No significant corrections.
2012 Page 3.18
2013 Page 2.19
2014 Page 5.4 and 5.16, Page 14.15
2015-2021 No significant corrections.