Installation & System Requirements

Korf Hydraulics requires an IBM compatible PC running Windows XP or better and 10 MB hard drive space.

Extract the zip file then run ksetup-xx.exe to install Korf Hydraulics on every computer. Newer versions should be installed in a new directory, else the previous pipe and fluid databases will be overwritten.

Korf Hydraulics uses a small license file that must be stored in the Korf license folder of every computer.

Evaluation Version

Korf Hydraulics can be downloaded (4.2 MB) by clicking on the button below. It will start up in evaluation mode until a license file is purchased.

The evaluation version is not limited in any way, except that it expires after 10 executions (you can run it 10 times).

Please contact us for an emailed copy if it fails to download after several tries.

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Commercial Version

Single license - 1950 US dollar, plus 495 US dollar per year for support. Limited to one computer. Includes free upgrades and email support

Site license - 8950 US dollar, plus 1950 US dollar per year for support. Valid for unlimited computers at a single business site. Includes free upgrades and email support


Korf will provide a license file to convert the evaluation version to a commercial version after payment is received. Payment can be through bank transfer, cheque (UK pound, US dollar or Canadian dollar) or credit card (through PayPal only).

The following additional administration fees apply:

  • Courier service - 195 US dollar if paperwork has to be sent by courier service.
  • Temporary license - 195 US dollar for a one month temporary license file (usually due to late payment).
  • Program CD - A program CD by mail is no longer available.